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Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Fresh Start

Welcome to all you first-timers who have just found their way to Ex Post. To those of you who have been here, thanks for coming back.

We here at the CLS Federalist Society are really excited about Ex Post for this upcoming year. Hopefully, Ex Post will be able to serve as a forum and opportunity to exchange ideas, advice, classroom strategies, or simply engage in some healthy debate. Our main goal this year is to significantly increase member contribution to the blog, so PLEASE do not hold anything back if you think it might be appropriate. We believe in literally exercising your free speech.

All you have to do is create a blogger account, send us an email from that email address, and we will add you to the contributors list. If you'd rather not create a blogger account, just send us an email and we will make one of our public ones available to you. There are no length requirements, and sometimes it seems like we don't even have grammatical requirements. All we realy ask is that posts refrain from blatant partisan politics or name-calling, since we at the Federalist Society are a diverse group of individuals with different party preferences as well.

Hopefully, you will find time at least once a semester to post to the blog your thoughts, fears, frustrations, anxieties or questions you may have about law school, legal thought, or anything else that might relate to the law. This will provide opportunities for 1Ls to solicit advice from upperclassmen, provide an outlet for more opinionated discussions than are often possible in a classroom, and will sharpen skills of public advocacy and rhetoric.

We will be collaborating with the American Constitution Society on some topics later in the year, typically involving a debate over a topic on each of our respective blogs. If you'd be interested in that as well, send us an email.

P.S. Look for upcoming details on our blogging contest (prize money for good writing).


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