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Friday, February 23, 2007

More Hmong - Now at Law School

Having once started, I can't seem to stop linking news about Wisconsin Hmong:
The head of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School issued an apology for derogatory comments that a longtime professor allegedly made in class.
A student said professor Leonard Kaplan, who has been at UW-Madison since 1974, made the comments in class on Feb. 15.
According to an e-mail from law student Kashia Moua, Kaplan's 10-minute rant included these comments: "Hmong men have no talent other than to kill"; "Hmong women are better off now that Hmong men are dying off in this country"; and "All second-generation Hmong end up in gangs and other criminal activity."
No word on this yet from UW-Madison's most prominent blawgger.


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