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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Welcome Back

After a long stretch of inactivity, it is good to welcome readers and writers, old and new, to Ex Post. Ex Post is brought to you by the Federalist Society at Columbia Law School, and is made up of voluntary and uncensored submissions created by our very own students.

Here are some loose guidelines for what we are looking for out of submissions:

Pieces desired: any that deal with law or Federalist Society activities -- nothing purely political or partisan, like assessments of which party is going to win the House this year

Objectivity: none necessary

Style: poems, fiction, essays, jokes, whatever

Length: any, though merely linking someone else with no commentary is disfavored -- please add value

For inspiration, check out the blogs in our sidebar, especially volokh.com and lsolum.typepad.com/legaltheory/, which all offer plenty of food for thought

If you'd like to submit, please sign up for an account and send us an email, and we will add you as a contributor.


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