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Saturday, July 23, 2005


That's what we will be told by Sen. Schumer, by the New York Times, and others who will pretend that they are studiously neutral, mainstream commentators on American law and politics. But read today's article on Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts's wife. Note that the article claims that Ms. Roberts's activities have drawn interest. Then ask yourself: from whom? Is a single named person in the article interested? Or is not the tone that there is a presumption against a pro-life advocate that must be defended against? The interest here is the interest of the New York Times, and it is one you will notice when you read it.

Then read the rest of the New York Times. Keep a count of how many stories that are not about religion (as this one, ostensibly, is not about religion) focus on the religious faith of the subjects of the story. Report back in the comments. Should be interesting. I have not the patience with the New York Times to complete this research task myself. But I did notice that, in an article that even Sen. Kennedy says (in the article itself) covers material that should be out of bounds, they do choose to emphasize that Mrs. Roberts is a Roman Catholic. So am I. So is Sen. Kennedy. Next?


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