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Monday, April 18, 2005

Coming Up: Yoo v. Waldron on Torture

I don't usually announce upcoming CLS Fed Soc events, but the debate this week is not to be missed. It is on Thursday at 12:15 between Jeremy Waldron of Columbia Law and John Yoo of Boalt Hall on "American Foreign Policy in the War on Terror: Is Torture Ever Acceptable?"

Jeremy Waldron has recently written an article called "Torture and Positive Law"that will be published in the Columbia Law Review, and John Yoo was the author of the famous Bybee Torture memo.

PG will be doing some of her phenom-transcribing, which will be available shortly after the debate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on Jeremy Waldron for standing up and being counted. One of Otago University's finest minds (from a much less distinguished Otago law student). A Serbian law professor, now resident in Australia, also wrote in favour of torture. I expect something from Richard Posner before long on the cost-benefit advantages of torture.

1:16 AM  

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