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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Harvard Federalist Symposium, Ex Post

Due to Harvard Law School's stinginess with wireless access -- no chance of a non-Harvard student's getting to use it -- my account of the weekend has to come at its end rather than in proper live-blogging style. More connected bloggers have begun filing their reports already:
Waddling Thunder on old judges and ethnic identity;
Will Baude on coffee (concurring with Carina), socializing, Dean Kagan, Arkes and Kozinski, President Summers (who Greg says pushed for Kagan's deanship);
Amber Taylor anticipating boozing, busyness and scandal, and after-the-fact discussion of the Madness of Prof. Arkes;
Mansfield Fox, disappointed by the lack of "sitting around in large leather chairs smoking cigars, drinking brandy and laughing malevolently";
and of course, Ex Post's counterparts at Ex Parte, whose blogging of the event is so thorough that it rather discourages me from transcribing my own notes.


Anonymous PG said...

Apparently there were even more hijinks at the Symposium than I noted.

"What's this about Federalists?" Jessica asked, intrigued. "Did you take advantage of the weekend festivities to indulge a little? Tell us everything! Did he wear a wig and make you call him Publius?"

2:42 PM  

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