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Sunday, July 31, 2005

What is the Federalist Society?

The NY Times today has an article attempting to answer the question: what is the Federalist Society and what do its members believe. Since this is a "legally inclined" blog where at least some of the posters are "members" there may be no finer forum than here in which to have this argument. But before the call goes out for a debate, let me posit an easy solution to the question: this blog itself in a way answers the very question. The Federalist Society is about legal interest, legal scholarship and legal debate. On this blog, we are interested in examining, analyzing and yes, at times even critizicing the decisions and current overall state of the legal order. But as many of the posts on this site show, there is no lockstep march toward a pre-determined conclusion. Different positions are often taken: for an excellent example, remember our debate on torture. To the contrary of a closed society, perhaps one of the Federalist Society members' only shared sentiment is that current legal academic institutions do too little to foster the types of debates which are encouraged on this blog and within the Society itself. That belief tends to draw conservatives, libertarians, and a host of others into the Society, but its membership does not define it, its ideal of open debate does.


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