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Friday, July 01, 2005

The fight to come...

Sandra Day O'Connor will retire. Bill Kristol must have had an inside source to get his scoop. Perhaps we should get an independent counsel to investigate who leaked.

Prediction: the confirmation battle over a successor to Justice O'Connor will not be pretty.

I would guess that it also seems more likely now (though probably still a longshot) that President Bush will decide to appoint Alberto Gonzalez, a moderate, for this vacancy. But even a Gonzalez appointment would not be without its controversies: expect to hear about "torture" memos if this indeed comes to pass. The other possibility is either Edith Jones or Edith Clement. I suspect that Judge Luttig's chances of getting this spot are not as good as his chances would have been of filling the Chief's spot.


Blogger Helvidius said...

don't give up hope on Luttig. Bush is just that crazy to appoint him.

11:29 AM  

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